Dreaming of scholarship for Germany?

Yes, we got it for you! German language is your first step to be in Germany.

Together, we offer:

✓Classroom-Based German Language Course

✓ Online German Language Course (Full Scholarships Apply and Middle East friendly)

✓ FREE European Nurse Recognition Training (Philippines and Germany)

✓ FREE Schengen Visa processing for nurses

✓ FREE Plane Ticket

✓ NO Placement Fee

✓ Endorsement to affiliated POEA agencies

✓ Documentation support from our partner office in Germany

Scholarships can Include up to:

✓Free Language Tuition Fee

✓Free Accommodation (Resort Available)

✓Free Food Allowance

✓Other Perks available

Note: Depends on Scholarship Program; Limited number of slots

Online Language Course Perks:

✓Friendly to OFWs working in Middle East (weekends class available)

✓You can work while preparing for greener grass in Germany

✓No need to compromise your job

✓No need to waste time on traffic jams and travel time

✓Group classes are available

✓One on One Tutorial available at your convenience

Note: Scholarship varies

Offline  Language Course Perks:

✓SCHOLARSHIP outright from A1 to B2

✓Free Accommodation (resort)

✓FREE FOOD (resort)

✓Other perks available

Some of the Germany Perks

✓You can become a German citizen, after 6 yrs of working (if applicable)

✓You can apply for petition to bring your family after 2 yrs of working

✓ European ambiance, can travel around Europe with your Schengen visa

✓High paying opportunities for nurses, caregivers and other working field

✓Welfare/ Germany Government Support for child (if applicable)

✓Generous Maternity Paid Leaves, vacation offers, etc.


✓Philippine Registered Nurse with active PRC license

✓Preferably with Experience of minimum 2 yrs

✓Willing to undergo German language Training (Online or Offline)

✓Capable of meeting scholar’s performance requirements

Note: For other concerns, please send us email at support@germanlanguage.ph

How to apply for scholarship program:

  1. Sign up to our form in the upper part of this article.
  2. If your qualifications are pre-accepted, you will receive an email within 7 working days confirming your acceptance and scholarship offers.
  3. Read carefully the scholarship offers attached to the email, both for online and offline.
  4. Choose your preferred scholarship and email us back in maximum 48 hrs.
  5. If response is received in 48 hrs, we will temporarily reserve a slot and our representatives will reach out to you for clarification.
  6. If no response within 48 hrs, we will be automatically opening the slot for other applicants.
  7. Offers are first come first serve. Those who commit first will get the limited slots until it lasts.
  8. Note that performance requirements should be met, in accordance to scholarship requirement guidelines.