We have been successfully conducting effective and efficient lectures ONLINE. It gives a big opportunity for those who are working (mostly Overseas Filipino Workers) to have their online classes during their available time.      

It also gives chances to those who want to study while having all the convenience of  home based class such as spending more time with family, avoiding traffic and much more.

We have the best of the best teachers with the sense of "malasakit" who  are teaching high quality lectures to our students.

3am-6am Actual Class joined by students from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Brunei.

Interactive      Our classes provide interactive experience what makes it much better than just watching videos on Youtube. Students and the teachers will be able to interact with each other by using a digital white board during a lesson powered by a video conference.

It's a girly class obviously :D

Learn fast, learn smart     You will have an exclusive access to our gallery of pre-recorded clips to quickly learn the topics and pass the course exams.

German Language Online Class of the Digital Era

We build your confidence    No worries if you struggle with comprehending any of the topics! Our high qualified teachers will always be there to help you in a friendly and hospitable manner.  

New generation of teaching    We always make sure to provide the high quality of education with the latest tools available and we deeply care about every student we teach. Welcome to the next generation of language training!

High quality teacher with the sense of “malasakit”    Aside from our teachers are legit and high quality ones, we are very picky that we only chose those teachers whom will take their teaching skills into the next level. It refers to “malasakit” for its students. We understood that our fellow OFWS especially those who are working in the middle east are loaded with heavy work. Hence, we can rest assure our students to be well taken care of, in the sense that teachers will do their best for the students’ learning process.

Scholarship Agreement Compliance    There are affiliated POEA-licensed agencies who would assess and provide scholarships for our nurse/medical field students. You can email us at support@germanlanguage.ph for more info.

Government Compliance    We are operating under a duly  registered and licensed company in the Philippines. We comply  to the taxation law and our tuition fees already include the necessary tax under  the BIR regulations. Rest assured we can issue you an official BIR receipt. Please take note having BIR receipts mean that we have all the legalities needed and permit to operate.

Schedule as of November 23, 2018