Step 1. Contact Us.

Contact us at for details and scheduling.

Step 2. Pay for the selected course.

After scheduling is cleared with the support, you may proceed to the payment.

For Cash Deposit, Prices are as follow:

A1 /A2  Down Payment  :  Php 10,000                                                                                

A1 or A2 Final Installment  February Promo :   Php 11,780 (instead of Php12,280)    

A1 or A2  Spot Cash Valentines Promo+Cash Discount : Php 21,280

For B modules, please contact us.

Option #1: Pay via EastWest deposit.

Name: NEM Online Language Teaching Services

East West Bank account #200034944198

Option #2: Pay via BPI Deposit.

Name: Erica T. Madebeykin   BPI Account #3939-3285-63

(DBA NEM Online Language Teaching Services)

Option #3: Pay via BDO Deposit. (updated)

Name: Erica T. Madebeykin   BDO Account # 007200048507

Option #4: Pay via PayPal

You can also pay using your Debit Card or Credit Card via Paypal. Create a Paypal account, attach your debit (or credit) card. Then just select the item in the selector below and click "Buy now". Complete the payment. Don't forget to send us an email after you have completed the payment!

Course Package

Note:  Paypal charges as much as 5% fee plus bank transfer fees for using debit and credit card within their convenience platform. Starting 5th of February 2019, the payee should shoulder the 4% charge incurred by the transaction (everything is already included in the prices above).  The other fees, banking fees and government taxes will remain shouldered by us.

Step 3. Receive the further instructions.

After finishing your payment and sending us a document with the proof of payment, contact us via or ping us on our Facebook page. We will send you all necessary information and accounts to start your journey into the German language! We will be always nearby to provide you our assistance and care.