Our Courses
We help you prepare for the language examination for the following levels of German defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
A1 - German Group Course:
Beginning of everything. Learn basic German words and use everyday expressions. Introduce yourself, tell about your personal details (address,
You would be able to interact with people in a simple way given the person talks slowly and clearly.

Price: 400 EUR
Duration: 2 months
A2 - German Group Course:
You'll be able to describe your immediate environment, understand sentences and frequently used expressions (shopping, local geography, employment, basic personal information).

Price: 400 EUR
Duration: 2 months
B1 - German Group Course:
You'll learn to understand the information about events happening at work. The main idea behind this level is to teach you how to express your plans, intentions, ambitions, give you ability to explain yourself in German.

Price: 480 EUR
Duration: 3 months.

B2 - German Group Course
You'll learn to understand abstract text, ideas in German. You would be able to read complex text and produce clear, detailed speech about your point of view. This level would provide you a possibility to fluently communicate in German on various topics.

Price: 480 EUR
Duration: 3 months

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